NEWS 2008


Lamu famine a sign of coming food crisis
(8. May 2008) - It was heartbreaking to watch news footage of the Boni community in Lamu District whose lives have been ravaged by famine. It is hard to believe Kenya, a regional economic giant, has so many starving people.

Villagers warned on seeds, says official
N.B. Neither the Kenyan Government nor the Press have realized that "BONI" is a derogatory term - the real name of the people affected is AWEER. (30 April 2008, EA STANDARD) - THE Ministry of Agriculture has defended its position on the supply of preserved sorghum seeds that Lamu residents turned into a meal. Following a severe famine that has gripped the district, 350 villagers in Kanga Division were taken ill after eating the seeds that were in packets that had warning labels.



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