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Canada's 'alternative Nobel' winners call for water rights, global justice                                               (07.12.2005) STOCKHOLM, Sweden (CP) - Two Canadian recipients of this year's Right Livelihood Awards, also known as the "alternative Nobels," on Tuesday said privatization of fresh water resources represents a threat to human rights.

SMILE, WOMAN OF AFRICA, SMILE!                                                                                            A. N. Kithaka - This week holds two important events for African women. The 25th of  November marks the start of the 16 Days of Gender Activism Against Violence, an international campaign meant to raise awareness about gender violence, strengthen the work of local organisations and  demonstrate the solidarity of women around the world. Incorporating  the International Day Against Violence Against Women (November 25th)  and International Human Rights Day (December 10), the goal of the campaign is to link violence against women to the fact that it is a  human rights violation. November 25 is also especially important for  African women, as it is the day that the Protocol on the Rights of  Women in Africa comes into force.

Forests paying the price for biofuels                                                                                                (22 November 2005) THE drive for "green energy" in the developed world is having the perverse effect of encouraging the destruction of tropical rainforests.

Why this bout of generosity rings false                                                                                            (20.11.2005) Kenya's successive presidents are a study in comparative generosity. Daniel arap Moi's looked inborn. But in Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Paulo Freire warns us against "the false generosity of the oppressor".

Kenya and her Constitution, the story so far…                                                                                 1963 - Independence - Kenya adopts her first constitution ; 1964-9 - 1st Phase of Amendment Process - Highlights ....

Maathai Warns State On Forest Settlements                                                                                   (09.11.2005) Environment Assistant minister Prof Wangari Maathai has called on the Government to stop settling people in forests.

ORION - Magazine November/December 2005                                                                                 MARK DOWIE - "Conservation Refugees" - When protecting nature means kicking people out ...

ENVIRONMENT-KENYA: Sustainability Collides With Poverty                                                          (04.11.2005) MT KENYA, Nov 4 (IPS) - Visitors to Mbeere district in Kenya’s Central Province can hardly miss them: bags of charcoal laid on either side of the road. Those who sell the bags are far less visible, however. They hide in the surrounding dense vegetation, only appearing to make hurried sales.

Diversity vital to our knowledge                                                                                                       (01.11.2005) By Diona Fay Howard - "Hello class, welcome to intellectual heritage 51. Can anyone tell me what intellectual heritage means?" says a Temple professor at the beginning of each semester. A bold student ready to earn an A for the course eagerly answers, "It means the legacy of great thinkers and ideas in this world."

Land for loyalty?                                                                                                                            (31 October 2005) Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki has allocated thousands of title deeds for land in a move his opponents say is an attempt to “bribe” voters to support a controversial draft constitution in a November 21 referendum.

DISPOSSESSING AFRICA'S WEALTH                                                                                           (Patrick Bond - Oct. 2005) Exactly how much wealth does Africa lose every year? Third World  repayments of $340 billion each year flow northwards to service a  $2.2 trillion debt, more than five times the G8's development aid  budget, notes Patrick Bond. In addition Africa’s citizens experience  depletion of assets like forests and mineral resources, and suffer  the impact of pollution as a result of mining. In this context, Bond  argues that those who claim international integration can enrich  Africa are wrong.

The beehive factor in Kenya's politics                                                                                              (29.10.2005) Not too long ago, I had the difficult task of explaining to a group of foreigners a small news item appearing in one of the local newspapers.

Report: Why Kenya is a failed state                                                                                                (02.10.2005) Despite all appearances to the contrary, a report by a US research organisation has classed Kenya as being among the world's failed states.

New Land Mapping System to Give People Greater Say                                                                   (September 23, 2005) Kenya will soon have an electronic land adjudication system if the Government adopts recommendations by an international conference.

Lobbies want House to hold fresh talks on proposed law                                                                   (17.09.2005) Three lobby groups want Parliament to reconvene and examine afresh the contentious clauses in the proposed Constitution.

Graft has gone up, say Kenyans                                                                                                     (17.09.2005) Ninety four per cent of Kenyans think corruption has increased since Narc came to power in 2003, says a report.

Encounter With the Forgotten Forest Tribe of North Eastern                                                              (September 12, 2005) Asked to comment on the forthcoming November 21 referendum on the Wako draft the Aweer community headman, Sani Hamesa, said: "We would like to vote for Moi's party but what will happen to Kibaki whose term has not yet expired. Will he hand over the presidency?"

Minority Rights Activists Reject Kenya's Proposed Constitution                                                         (09 September 2005) listen to interview with Korrir Singoei  (MP3 Audio - 2,15 MB) In Kenya, a group representing the interests of minorities and indigenous peoples has come out against the draft constitution – which will be accepted or rejected by voters on November 21st.

Expert wants communities involved in land mapping                                                                         (September 8, 2005) Local communities should be allowed to participate in land demarcation to avert conflicts, a workshop heard yesterday.

Radical proposals on land ownership                                                                                               (September 4, 2005) By John Kamau - The problem of landlessness is worse than many Kenyans think - something that will complicate the implementation of the Wako Draft Constitution.

CHALLENGES OF DOMESTICATION: THE PROTOCOL TO THE AFRICAN CHARTER ON HUMAN AND PEOPLE’S RIGHTS ON THE RIGHTS OF WOMEN IN AFRICA (Sept. 2005) Once 15 African countries have ratified The Protocol To The African Charter On Human and Peoples' Rights On The Rights of Women in Africa, its provisions will have to be included in country-level legislation. This is the next challenge facing the Solidarity for African Women’s Rights Campaign, says Sarah Mukasa, who assesses some of the potential stumbling blocks inherent in the domestication process. “It is imperative that strategies adopted for this campaign take into account these factors and prepare for the resistances that will surely come,” she warns.

Sport hunting will transform the north                                                                                               (10.08.2005) If you have travelled by bus from Mombasa to Lamu, one of the sights that may have startled you as you traversed Tana River District, is that of passengers alighting at some point and walking off into one of the most desolate landscapes in the country.

Families protest relocation                                                                                                             (June 16, 2005) A row has erupted over the relocation of 247 families from the Tana River Primate National Reserve.

BIANCA JAGGER BACKS NEW CAMPAIGN FOR WORLD'S TRIBES                                              'Alternative Nobel Prize' meeting, Salzburg, 13 June 2005 - Bianca Jagger has backed a new campaign for the world's governments to sign up to the main international law protecting tribal people.

FINANCING GLOBAL FOREST DESTRUCTION                                                                               Excerpts from W R M B U L L E T I N 95 - June 2005 - New policies, old problems. Ever since the 1970s, the World Bank has struggled to define an approach to forests, which reconciles its expressed commitment to poverty alleviation with its model of promoting 'development' through top-down growth and commercialisation.

Poverty is a major obstacle to indigenous rights                                                                               PARTICIPANTS IN INDIGENOUS FORUM HIGHLIGHT DISASTROUS EFFECTS OF POVERTY, CONFLICTS, LACK OF ACCESS TO HUMAN RIGHTS EDUCATION (2005-05-25) CL - As the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues continued its fourth session today, participants highlighted the disastrous effects of poverty, ongoing conflicts and lack of access to education on the achievement of full human rights, and stressed the urgent need to complete the draft declaration on indigenous rights.

Indigenous people resist DNA-project                                                                                              Genographic research as neo-colonial attitude (28.04.2005) The ambitious DNA profiling "Genographic project" which seeks to retrace the path of human settlement on Earth has been encountering resistance among indigenous people. After a boycott-appeal by the US-American Indigenous Peoples Council on Biocolonialism, now some Maori and African First Nations have also announced concerns over the project .

Lobby group takes minister to task on land scandals                                                                        (12.03.2005) Lands minister Amos Kimunya was yesterday asked to use the law to resolve land issues in various parts of the country, especially along the Coast, instead of task forces and law reviews.

Land policy long overdue                                                                                                                (12.03.2005) The National Land Policy Formulation Process Steering Committee will start collecting views from the public in Mombasa next week. Its mandate is to collate public impressions to help the Government to formulate a sustainable national land policy.

Scholars unearth Britain’s dirty war against Mau Mau                                                                       (February 26, 2005) Studies by two Western historians show colonial Britain used mass detention without trial, sadistic violence and bent justice far more than previously believed to suppress the revolt.

LSK: Kenyans must call for action against corrupt officials                                                                (04 Feb 2005) The Law Society of Kenya yesterday asked Kenyans to stand up and demand that the Government takes action against corrupt ministers and public servants.


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