NEWS 2005


Expert wants communities involved in land mapping


The Standard
Thursday September 8, 2005

By Allan Kisia

Local communities should be allowed to participate in land demarcation to avert conflicts, a workshop heard yesterday.

Giacomo Rambaldi, a participant from Italy told the International Conference on Participatory Spatial Information Management and Communication meeting that local people, especially in marginalised areas, should be involved in developing new maps and land demarcation.

Rambaldi is the regional coordinator of the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA).

More than 160 people from 45 nations around the world are attending the three-day conference at Kenya College of Communications Technologies (KCCT), Mbagathi.

It seeks ways to help marginalised communities use new technologies to define boundaries. Maps are developed using the Geographic Information System (GSI) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technologies.

The method is already in use among the Ogiek community, Mau Forest.

Julius Muchemi, a local participant, said involving communities would give them a chance to tell policy makers the features marking boundaries, hunting grounds and other natural resources.