NEWS 2005


Lobby group takes minister to task on land scandals


Publication Date: 3/12/2005

Lands minister Amos Kimunya was yesterday asked to use the law to resolve land issues in various parts of the country, especially along the Coast, instead of task forces and law reviews.

The co-ordinator of lobby group Pwani Development International, Mr Gideon Mung'aro, who is a former Malindi mayor, accused Mr Kimunya of not doing enough and of "joining the long list of the past land ministers who wasted time with law amendments as land scandals increased at the expense of innocent squatters".

He said: "We are sick and tired of task forces and of promises that scandals in Malindi, in particular, and Coast Province, in general, will be resolved." 

"The minister should realise that all information about past scandals is available, so what we want is action and not empty talk.

Addressing a leaders' meeting to tackle land issues, the former mayor told Mr Kimunya to his face that what was needed was action through cancelling title deeds for irregularly acquired land and a through study of past reports.